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Need PS/steering rack - A3 compatible??

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As in: is the power steering pump/hoses/rack/whatever in a '94 Corrado the same as those in later Golf/Jetta VR6s?
It appears I will need a new pump and maybe some hoses, etc..
Trying to find out if they're interchangeable - a lot more Golf/Jetta parts available than Corrado parts, I would think..
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Re: Need PS/steering rack - A3 compatible?? (M.Hembruch)

If you have ZR1 rack (silver in color w/waffle lookin imprints) and plan on going w/A3 stuff you will need to swap tie rods also. A3 VR6 parts will bolt to a Corrado, you might just have to use everything from the A3.
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