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Need some HELP- Gauges only work with E-brake on?

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I have a 2.0 swap with motronic-
I should decked the head, port and polish, 3 angle.
I installed it and ran it but now....the guages only come on with the E-brake on? And when I take the E-brake off the gauges go out...
To say the least, its really fast....(quick)
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Re: Need some HELP- Gauges only work with E-brake on? (PeruEuro)

grounding issues would be my guess. just redid all mine. car runs better and nothings cutting out.
K ill check grounds-
But it flickers at first and the temp gauge works, odo works. then when I take ebrake off it all quits.
My gauges are sparatic.
they power off when I take ebrake off...
grounds? please help
Re: (PeruEuro)

Did they just start acting sporadic or have they been like that since the swap? I know the VR swap in my 89 GTI required jumping something off the fuse box to get the cluster to work. Don't remember off the top of my head, but sounds like you have a wiring issue.
Re: (zero.)

And here's what I had to do to solve my cluster problem...
On the back of your fuse box there are 2 green plugs D- (green 12 pin) and E- (green 5 pin). The gauges get power from plug E, position #2 (black wire with single connector) the rest of the wires from this plug go to your brake light switch. if you used this harness from the A2 then the black wire won't be there you'll need to add it. That wire needs to connect to plug D position #8, If you used the A3 harness for this plug then the wire should be black with yellow branching off to 2 black wires with single black connectors.These connectors join together along with the one from E2 at the black junction box, if you have the whole A3 harness then you definitely have it. Again if used the A2 harness then this wire will need to be added. Basically you need to get a wire from D8 to E2.
Yeah I have all that d2 to e8-
I used mk3 cluster, harness, and the mk3 tranny speed sensor?
My guages worked fine with my ABA swap. then after I port the head and do alot of head work my gauges are just sparatic. MPH and RPM.
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