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Boy, this forum has changed since the last time I was here - there are a TON of different forums now. Hopefully, this is the correct place to ask for help.

Got these parts sitting here from past purchases/jobs/projects and would love to know what I have and if there is any value at all to anyone on here.

Item #1:
Fuel rail with injectors and FPR. Absolutely no markings or part numbers on it whatsoever.
View attachment 97369

Item #2:
Complete Head marked "AWD"

View attachment 97371
View attachment 97372
View attachment 97373

View attachment 97376

View attachment 97377

Item #3:
Head Unknown, with cams and valve cover, missing valves. Started an intake and exhaust porting job, but never finished.

View attachment 97378
View attachment 97379
View attachment 97382
View attachment 97383

I do have some additional photos if necessary.. Looking to let them go to anyone on here that can use them for a half-way reasonable price under current market value. All help in identification is much appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
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