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Need some help: Stock spring height

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I recently purchased a set of A2 lowering springs to fit on my wagon. Needlessto say I'm anxious to get them on the car.
I am trying to approximate the amount of drop. At the moment I cannot remove my current springs.
I would like to know the off-the-car spring height from anyone who has a set of stock wagon springs collecting dust.
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Re: Need some help: Stock spring height (mike in SC)

14.75 inches front 13 inches rear
Awesome! Thank You.
Re: (mike in SC)

That means nothing.

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You started to fit them yet?
id love to hear how this goes/ you go about this
No progress yet. I will begin work, hopefully, during my spring break.
Where I live now I do not have access to a set of spring compressors and a 30mm axle socket.
Re: (mike in SC)

I have A2 lowering springs on the front of the wagon; there's just a slight drop. The rears dropped it way more- reverse rake- so I kept the stock ones.
Pix of the front partway down:

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Re: (reddfoxx)

@ reddfoxx-
What brand spring did you use? Mine are neuspeeds, with bright green paint.
Thanks for the link. I knew somebody was using them!
Re: (mike in SC)

They're bright yellow. It's been more than a year, and I'm getting old... can't remember the brand. I'll see what I can find.
Redfoxx-Are you also using stock strut inserts?
Or units designed for lowering springs?
Re: (mike in SC)

Sorry, I can't remember. I emailed Jonathan to see if he can; I'll see him this weekend at an Audi GTG so I'll find out then if nothing else.
Re: (reddfoxx)

JP sez:
"The springs are red. I can't recall the brand, but it really doesn't
matter. They are for a MKII Golf/Jetta. The shocks are KYB GR2 in the
front, some unknown brand in the rear."
I swear the springs are yellow. I'll check.
Thanks! That helps clear the air regardiing the newish struts I have on the car.
The drop is on a tight budget. I bought the springs for $50. I'll consider new struts, but that eats some of the new tire budget.
Re: (mike in SC)

Glad I was able to help by sitting at my computer, and looking at my car as I got into it.

The front springs are red. There must have been some yellow ones we tried, or just sitting in the shop, 'cause I can see them clearly in my memory.
The rear wagon struts and springs are, I believe, stiffer than the ones in other models. The front struts on mine were iffy anyway, and with the turbo the front end could barely stay on the ground and track a straight line. The KYBs are much better than worn-out stock struts, and of course the springs help too.
New tires made a world of difference as well. The old ones were awful; the new ones, Mastercraft Grand Touring ones, are quieter, grippier, smoother... Assuming the struts are decent, maybe get the best tires you can. OTOH, if you're in there anyway, maybe you should do the struts as well.

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I replaced the struts last summer with some gas shocks/struts on all four corners. The handling was much better! But after an auto-x I decided to upgrade.
I have a set of snowflake rims waiting for new tires.
I'm planning to use the shocks I have on the car now. I am going to take care of the front first. Depending on the drop I might not have to do the rears at all.
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