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With the Vortex being the font of all knowledge, I need some help....
A little while ago, the electric radiator fan on my TDi Sharan started running all the time. When I switched the engine off, the fan would run on for a few minutes. I know this is normal in certain situations, but mine would do it all the time. Even just backing the car up 50yds first thing in the morning was enough to make the fan run on.
I check the water in the header tank, and it was low, so I removed the cap. There was a gush of water and as if by magic, the header tank filled up again
The system seems to be pressurising itself.
One new cap later, the problem persists, both the fan running on, and the pressurising system. It also seems to be using water a bit too.
Now for the really confusing part.....
The aircon packed up ages ago - there was a refrigerant leak. This was well before the fan started running on. A few weeks ago, I had the a/c repaired, and almost immediately, the fan run-on problem stopped

The system is still pressurising though, and still using water. The temperature guage never gets past halfway, and the oil temperature readout stays more or less constantly at about 90oC.
The engine runs great, doing about 48mpg (English gallons) and there is no oil in the water or water in the oil, so I don't think it's a head gasket problem.
I really have no idea what's wrong and I'd really appreciate guidance from the gurus here.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Need some help with a cooling system problem (veedweeb)

air bubble in your coolant system perhaps? i'd backflush the entire system and refill it.
good luck!
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