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my cat back fell off today.
heres what i wanna make tomorw.

idk if the muffler will fit infront of the rear beam well see.i wanna know if itll be too loude.

ATTN DubGray1.8T please tell me what it was that you had on the mk2. it sounded amazing... i herd it in the vid were you ripped it all over the earth. (when it had a 50trim i belive)

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Re: need some insite. cat-back help DubGray1.8T COME HELP ME. (hockeyizlife94)

Quote, originally posted by hockeyizlife94 »

decent first post..

haha ya it is

op, unless u have a VERY small muffler i doubt it would fit behind the rear beam, i've been under my car plenty of times and i dont see a muffler fitting there
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