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Need some lowering advice please..

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hello, today i was looking at my car from behind and noticed that it was on a slant, i measured the wheel gap on each side to find out that front L is 2 fingers and front R is 3, rear left is 3 and a bit and rear right is 4 and a bit.
so i'm going to change coil springs and shocks, so far i saw the H&R 16v Sedan sport springs which lower the car 1.25", anyone have these or hear any comments on them? I'm running on 17" with 205/45 tires, i think they're bigger than stock so i'm wondering if it would rub, ive already lost some small peices of rubber on the front left side because there was a small bump on the lower part of the fender right above the tire, fixed that with a cloth and a hammer
, and my last question is what can anyone suggest as a decent shock to go along with the springs?
Thanks alot for the help, sorry about the long story.....
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Re: Need some lowering advice please.. (amp1080)

...either Bilstein HDs or KONI Yellows will do...
...in my case (H&R SSprings&KONI Yellow on 215/45/17) have to do a front fender roll to avoid rubbing...ride is fine and at the same i can do some adjustment for tight cornering even on daily drving...
...if your only having a 205/45 then you dont need a fender roll...
...also you can do a search on "Bilsteins" or "KONI"...goodluck!
Re: Need some lowering advice please.. (edollete)

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Re: Need some lowering advice please.. (amp1080)

I recommend Eibach springs with Konis. I have Eibach & Sachs Advantage and the shocks are bit too soft but have to deal with it because Konis would have costed 2.5xSachs.
I'm running 205/45-16 and have a rubbing problem on front so you might have a problem since the right size compared to stock is 205/40-17. On the other hand I've seen -89 Variant with 9x16" wheels and 225/45 tires and the owner said he he's having rubbing only in the back (might cause from the ET of the wheels)
Re: Need some lowering advice please.. (Maikki)

thanks alot!
i want to lower a bit to get rid of some wheel gap but i also want to still be able to have 5 people in the car with some **** in the trunk, i play in a band and i'm usually the one that drives to the pad
Re: Need some lowering advice please.. (amp1080)

BTW...come check out my ride.
With the suspension I have, I can load up my car no problem.
Let's figure out a time to meet up, if you want.
Re: Need some lowering advice please.. (davidpg)

was thinking the same thing........
Re: Need some lowering advice please.. (amp1080)

when are you free?
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