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Need Some P-Chop.....Pretty Please!!!!

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Could someone Photoshop a carbon fiber hood on my car for me and paint the bottom of the grille white?? thanks. Also a Dietrich RS front bumper too if you could. thanks in advance.
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Re: Need Some P-Chop.....Pretty Please!!!! (SoCo4Fun)

just a lil sumpin sumpin....first...that grille REALLY needs to get painted body color, maybe leave just the bars black? and two.....download morpheus and search for adobe photoshop and do it on your own.....no need to pay hundreds, its not THAT good
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Re: Need Some P-Chop.....Pretty Please!!!! (LostBoyScout)

ps paying for PS is whats retarded....and if you paid for it...you know what follows....
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