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Need Some P-Chop.....Pretty Please!!!!

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Could someone Photoshop a carbon fiber hood on my car for me and paint the bottom of the grille white?? thanks. Also a Dietrich RS front bumper too if you could. thanks in advance.
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Re: Need Some P-Chop.....Pretty Please!!!! (SoCo4Fun)

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Re: Need Some P-Chop.....Pretty Please!!!! (98vwgti)

quote:[HR][/HR]just a lil sumpin sumpin....first...that grille REALLY needs to get painted body color, maybe leave just the bars black?[HR][/HR]​
Painting the bottom part of the grille was one of my requests. I just havent gotten to it yet, just installed it a few days ago and wanted to see if I like this grille or want to get anotehr one.
quote:[HR][/HR]Am I the only one with a functioning imagination?[HR][/HR]​
I like to think I have plenty of an imagination so
. LOL. Naw Im trying to decide what I want to do and thought yhou guys would be willing to help me out.
C'mon ya know ya wanna help.
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Re: Need Some P-Chop.....Pretty Please!!!! (Y2KRICEBOY)

MAybe Ill paint the bars too.................
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