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Re: Need to replace brakes. Where? (Jehu)

$800 for a rear brake change...

Listen, I had a very bad experience with using shops that didn't know VW/Audi's. Most Vortexers and ClubB5 members use a vendor located in Norton, OH for brake parts. ECSTuning has a set of rear rotors available for $60.00! A set of rear brakepads runs about $40.00. It only takes 1 hour of labor for a rear brakechange, so you can do the math.
Since your car is a 2002, your dealership might have included a brake-fluid flush which should be done every 2 years regardless of mileage. Only use a quality DOT4 spec. brake-fluid in your VW. Honestly, it might be worth a drive out to ECS Tuning and have them do your brakes. It's a little less than an hour drive from Columbus, and they do excellent work on VW's!!

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