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Need VARAD L.E.D. Products?

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Just wondering if anyone needs any of their products. I just came into a contact that offers me them at almost wholesale prices, so i thought i would see if anyone else wanted any of there stuff.
Check out their product line here: http://www.varad.com/
I can get pricing once i have an idea of what people are interested in.
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Re: Need VARAD L.E.D. Products? (FUsBORAglxVR6)

Could you check on the price of a laser scanner and either email me or IM me. Thanks a lot man!
Re: Need VARAD L.E.D. Products? (VR6Jetta4KY)

Re: Need VARAD L.E.D. Products? (VR6Jetta4KY)

Sorry, i lost connection in the Excite shutdown!
I'll email you the price
Re: Need VARAD L.E.D. Products? (FUsBORAglxVR6)

Well, i've been able to help a few folks....anyone else?

Here is some sample pricing:
HYPER BRIGHT LEDs .... $5 each (red, orange, green, blue)
HEADLIGHT FLASHERS .... $10 each (green, blue)
All other products available....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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