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When I put the down payment on my GTI, I was told the car was just leaving Toronto, and would be here (Vancouver) in 3 weeks. Its been 2 and a half weeks, and after just checking with my dealer, I learned that the car in still in Toronto. After reading abuot the dozens of horror stories about cars taking forever to get to their final destination, I'm really worried... I really don't want this to turn into one of those experiences.
So, I need advice from those of you who have had similar experiences, and even those who haven't and just feel like sharing! Is there any way I can get my car here faster, or even find out who to talk to to find out what the holdup is? (My dealership takes atleast 2 days to get back to me on anything).
Second - Since I was told three weeks, I made plans for my current POS car to be taken off my hands after that period. (OK - i'm not a complete idiot; I told the guy he could have it in a month). Do you think I have a hope in hell of getting a loaner from the dealership while I'm waiting for the GTI, if it gets to that point? Any tips on "convincing" them to lend me a car?
Grrr.... very annoyed. I was really hoping this purchase would go smoothly, and now I'm not so sure it will.
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