The automotive world has seen its fair share of cross country road trips, but never one quite like this.  Setting off from Jacksonville, Florida on June 21st in a CLP Superlite SLC with 1.9 TDI power and running on Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel fuel, a team of four individuals will aim to become the first to ever cross America on a single tank of fuel.  Lead by Pat O'Keefe, Vice President of Golden Gate Petroleum and owner of CLP Motorsport, CLP Motorsport employees Luke Lonberger and Michael von Disterlo will do their best to be as frugal as possible before being joined by Tanner Foust for the final stint to their Santa Monica, California finish.


For the trip, the team has chosen to take Interstate 10 the entire way, traveling more than 2,400 miles and crossing through eight states.  We weren't able to find any specs on the size of their fuel tank, but based on the size of the car we can't see it being more than 30 gallons, meaning the team will need to manage more than 80 mpg.

See more about the team and their car, here .