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Neuspeed rear sway bar brackets update???

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I noticed that one of the brackets holding the sway bar to the axle is gone!!! Along with the poly bushing. I have since removed the sway from the car.
I was told that Neuspeed made an updated bracket which was designed better and was thicker. I guess it seems like I'm not the only one that this happened to.
I've already sent an email telling Neuspeed of my dilemma, but no word on it yet. I was wondering if any of my fellow dubbers has had this happen to them also.
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Re: Neuspeed rear sway bar brackets update??? (SonicVw)

Mine keep moving down the beam, so I keep moving them back to the original spots. I am thinking about getting the Shine Racing bar....
Re: Neuspeed rear sway bar brackets update??? (Metallitubby)

Hey Ladd,
I'm not sure if the ones I have are the updated ones. When I installed it the bracket was so hard to put in. Was yours the same way. If so I might need that updated ones. Let me know what you find out!

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Re: Neuspeed rear sway bar brackets update??? (Aloha-boy)

I had heard that the brackets tend to come off when you run the bar at its' stiffest setting. They claim this is normal from what I have read on the Jetta GLX list....what setting did you have it on?
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