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Neuspeed TIP and increased EGT

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The same day I installed NS TIP, I drove back home from my buddy's place and I have noticed that on a highway (65MPH+) the the EGT was about 150-200F higher than before according to my EGT gauge. I thought that ECU will compensate for leaner Air/fuel mixture, but it doesn't yet. Does anyone with NS TIP experienced the same thing? Someone posted pics of his glowing turbo after he installed NS TIP and 3"DP not long ago, and responses were something like "it runs hotter because it runs more flow". I think it is [email protected]#$%^Sh*T, the key is a leaner mixture and as a consequence higher EGT.
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Re: Neuspeed TIP and increased EGT (silversport)

To realigned the throttle body, just open the hood, open the driver door, and put the key in the on postion. The walk back to the motor and listen to the throttle body, it will be making a noise. Once this noise stops give it a secound or two for good measure then start the car. The throttle body should be realigned and the car will fill a little bit better. You should do this everytime you change something on the motor. This is what I think I know but If I'm wrong someone chim in and help or correct me.
Re: Neuspeed TIP and increased EGT (silversport)

No prob bro, hit me up if you need anything else. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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