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Neuspeed TIP vs. Stock TIP - Block 120

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Ok, here is a a block 120 dyno of the stock ("before") turbo inlet pipe and the Neuspeed one. The following caveats apply:
1. I was very busy today and did not do these in a controlled way
2. They were done at different times of day (Stock at 1pm, NS at 6:30pm), so the intake temps for the NS pipe were about 4 degrees C lower at warm idle.
3. They were done on different roads (which shouldn't matter).
4. Warmup time and driving speed and time before each was about the same.
I don't really know what to make of this. If you "smooth" out the curves in your mind's eye, it looks like the NS TIP gains a little HP and TQ across the board, but part of this (maybe all of it) might be due to the difference in test temperatures. Also, the data is so jumpy that it's hard to really tell.
Butt dyno says the car pulls a little harder and it seems to get to 15 on the boost guage a little quicker, but hard to say for sure.

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Re: Neuspeed TIP vs. Stock TIP - Block 120 (dbrowne1)

The scatter diagrams have the ability to overlay each run with its own rpm range. Otherwise the data may be skewed on one run and the difference will not be displayed.
Re: Neuspeed TIP vs. Stock TIP - Block 120 (9VW23yrs)

Ahhh...thanks. Updated my post with a new smoothed scatterplot.
Re: Neuspeed TIP vs. Stock TIP - Block 120 (dbrowne1)

That looks great, I installed mine right when I got it. I can't read graphs to well but it looks like some improvement. I personally can't feel the difference on my car because it was hot before I installed it outside for a few days and then when I got it on it got real cold so my car is flying
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Re: Neuspeed TIP vs. Stock TIP - Block 120 (dbrowne1)

You're right. It's hard to call by that whether the TIP is helping or not.
And the results are definitely not as clear-cut as those obtained by some others that led to this massive TIP hype. Honestly though I'm starting to really question how accurate the so-called block 120 dyno is anyway.
A couple days ago I did some runs. Peak hp on the 1st run was 214 followed by a 2nd run of 209 peak. Then the very next day I did a few more runs on the exact same stretch of road. The best the car could muster though was like 198 peak hp. I mean I understand that different days, different conditions will often produce different results, but that's just a little extreme. I had the same kind of repeatability problems when I was doing before/after logs with the DP- except those were done within hours of each other. Either it's a vag-com problem or it's a car problem (turbo, wg, ecu, whatever), but I think it makes it VERY difficult to use those results for any sort of comparison. Although I will say the torque up to about 5K as measured by the vag-com seems to be very, very precise. It's pretty much everything after that that seems to fluctuate wildly w/o rhyme or reason.
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Re: Neuspeed TIP vs. Stock TIP - Block 120 (Jay24)

More than a vag com problem is the ambient problem, atmospheric pressure and temperature will vary results. That is why SAE specifies correction factors, to make all thing "equal".
One thing I noticed is if I vag com after ecu reset the lines are all wavy, ecu overcompensates trying to adapt. After ecu has time to adapt things smooth out.
I feel the different "power" feeling after a ecu reset is just the overcompensation of the ecu in the adaptation process. Power remains the same though.
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