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new alternator?

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So...I think I need a new alternator cuz I can't start the darn G60 w/o the battery being dead! Checked everything possible and unhooked everything that connects to the battery! Went to 4 techs and 1 of the 4 said that the voltage meter indicates mine needs to be replaced. (the others tested it when the car was running fine and not when it was dead) Anyone have any results and answers for me? I would really appreciate it!
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Re: new alternator? (PinoyG60)

you'll never need a new alt.
unless the bearings seize i didn't have time to read your post and figure out your problem but all the 1.8 alts
just remove the voltage regulator on the back its held on by 2 screws its like 30 buck for a new one
Re: new alternator? (gruvenautoDOTcom)

gruvenautoDOTcom) Can I buy a new voltage regulator anywhere for 30 bones?
if ya get the chance.....can you find out why my battery drains by reading my topic? cool! thanks
Re: new alternator? (PinoyG60)

Alternators can go bad, but you first is voltage regulator on the back like gruven metioned. Try Bowwow parts (on Lakecity way) they usually have good prices.
To check your alternator yourself, get a multimeter and measure the voltage at the battery with the car off. Then with the car running.. it should jump up to around 13.5 -14v if not measure the voltage at the alternator.. if it is still low you alternator is the culprit.. if it's reading near 14v's your wiring between the two is the problem.
Now this is all assuming that you have isolated any voltage drains from your battery and you battery is good (will hold a charge) as you have stated.

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Re: new alternator? (cramer)

hey thanks cramer! swa your ride at the fairgrounds this summer...tyte dawg! ya, big alex and I were there..he has the blue gti w/the audi 1.8t swap! do you think my alram has anything to do with my issue as well? i'll try poppin' the fuse out and let it sit over night....that should determine if that's the problem hopefully. how about the power window issue...i think i need alot of advice here.....i've been disco. the positive before i go to bed so that i can start the damn thing!
\Help! j
Re: new alternator? (PinoyG60)

Pinoy, go do what cramer said.
Don't start tearing through every electrical system on your car until you have checked the basics and know what is going on.
With a fully charged battery, use a voltage meter or multimeter to check the voltage at the battery and at the alternator with the car on. Both numbers should be just under 14v. If they are both low, then your alternator is the culprit, and you can do the voltage regulator replacement as mentioned. If the battery reading is anything more than about a half a volt lower than the alternator reading, then your battery/starter/alternator cables need replacement. Mine were bad although they looked fine.
If both readings are correct, then you can start looking for a drain elsewhere. There are two ways to go about this - using a multimeter to look for current in some system where there shouldn't be current when the car is just resting, or, as you mentioned, pulling fuses for various systems until you notice the drain stops. I fought through half my car's wiring looking for a drain last week before I checked my battery/starter/alternator cabling and found out that it was defective, so start with the easy stuff first.
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Re: new alternator? (SaabFan)

I agree whole heartedly with you (SaabFan). I too was having some battery issues until I replaced the wire going to the starter, and the wire going from the alternator to the battery. I used some Esoteric 4AWG wire. It seemed that the culprit was the wire going to the starter, it was cracked and dry roted in several places, I but it was grounding out ever so slowly through all the grease and grim that was caked up on it.
Re: new alternator? (TexasCorradoG60)

If you need an alternator, I have one from my '90 'rado that I parted out - $40
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