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We're excited to announce our APR Plus and Stage 1 ECU Upgrades for the new R8 V10, R8 V10 Plus, R8 V10 RSW, Lamborghini Huracán RWD LP580-2 and the Huracán LP610-4! This covers support for all new V10 engines other than the LP640, and provides up to 653 HP and 427 FTLBS of torque!

This new upgrade includes APR Program Switching and APR Mobile support, and APR Plus, which includes a Limited Powertrain Warranty.

Expect massive gains for a naturally aspirated engine, with over +100 HP on the standard R8 V10! The upgrade supports 91 AKI, 93 AKI, and E60-E85 ethanol in North America and 95 RON, 98 RON and E60-E85 ethanol in the rest of the world. Full power charts for each octane and each vehicle are available on our product page.

Quick Feature List:

  • Optional Limited Powertrain Warranty
  • 653 HP / 427 FTLBS after tuning (all models) on E85
  • 634 HP / 420 FTLBS after tuning (all models) on 91/93 AKI
  • +86-104 HP / +53-64 FTLBS over stock (R8 V10 / R8 V10 RSW)
  • +47-66 HP / +29-40 FT-LBS over stock (Huracan LP580-2)
  • +17-35 HP / +13-30 FT-LBS over stock (R8 V10+ / LP610-4)
  • Supports 91, 93 and E85 (E60-E85) in North America
  • Supports 95, 98 and E85 (E60-E85) in the Rest of the World
  • Program switching via the cruise control stalk or APR Mobile (Supports up to 4 programs)
  • Optional Valet Mode for limited performance
  • Optional Stock calibration (switch between modes)
  • Optional Quiet Cold Start mode (Calms the exhaust on startup to make your neighbors happy)
  • Left Foot Braking enabled on on all ECU codes
  • Speed limiter removed on all ECU codes
  • 9,000 RPM rev limiter in manual mode (supported in other modes with a matching TCU upgrade
  • Fully adjusted thermal management system
  • Optimized Throttle limit for power deliver
  • Optimized intake and exhaust flaps for power deliver
  • Optimized Lambda control, Port / DI split, Cam Phasing, Ignition Timing and more for power delivery

Questions? Just ask!

To learn more, please visit our product page.
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