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AutoCar has run a new report about the upcoming Audi A7 four door coupe due sometime later this year. The story includes two new spy photos of an A7 mule in testing and suggests a few details that we can comment on based on our own intel sources.

First is the release date, set for a Paris Auto Show reveal says AutoCar. We'd said the Moscow Auto Show earlier but we hear that's been changed. Paris will indeed be the first auto show where the A7 is displayed though it'll likely be officially revealed prior to that in August sometime at a non Auto Show event much like the A8 reveal at Design Miami earlier this year.

AutoCar also mentions the RS 7 will be powered by a 580 hp normally aspirated version of the Audi V10 FSI. Likely the fitment is possible but every rumor we've heard thus far has suggested a 4.0T in a higher state of tune than it will appear in the S6, S7 and S8. Admittedly, our intel on the S-cars is more solid than our intel on the RS though we do know that the RS version is being seriously considered for the United States.

Read the full AutoCar story and see the two photos in high-res after the jump.

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