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Hello all

Today I replaced the BCM in my 2012 Mk6 GTI. This was done because the old bcm had gone faulty a few months after replacing stock headlights with Helix aftermarket lights shown here (Helix VW Mk6 Golf/GTi Mk7.5 Style Headlights with Red Trim)

The install went fine and I got all lights working but towards the end of install I noticed that my rear passenger door was shown to be open on the hud between the tac and speedometer. Only issue is that I don't have a rear passenger door. My GTI is a coupe and thus only has two doors and a hatch. Somehow I managed to trick my car into thinking there were two doors that don't exist. I spent hours reviewing the coding I had done to ensure that I hadn't accidentally enabled something while changing the hex code during the install.

The hex code is identical to the code from my previous bcm but yet the issue persists. Any help in solving this would be much appreciated. I'm not usually one to post in forums but this one has me stumped and it would appear this issue is very few and far between. Any tips or pointers are welcome.
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