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New Beetle Side skirts (stock) - where to buy?

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My friend put a dent in one of her side skirts (2002 GLS 2.0) and the dealer quoted her $1200 - $1400 to get it fixed.
She would rather not get aftermarket ground effects.
Any leads on a good place to buy the replacement part?
Or is it something that doesn't bolt on?
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Re: New Beetle Side skirts (stock) - where to buy? (SDA4)

I believe it isnt a 'part' as such. I have had to have this done twice (and it need doing again on one side thanks to my girlfriend....
) First of all, my NB was delivered with both skirts/sills dented (due to shipping). The second time I hit the driver's side on a motorway service station kerb. (the one that isnt repaired yet is when my girlfriend ran over a transit van exahuast
Basically, I think they drill it, pull it out, wack some filler in and paint it.
Whatever they do, I think it is more a matter of having some bodywork done, as opposed to merely replacing the part.
I think here it cost me around the £250 (twice, at two different VW dealers). Your quote sounds high, but then I dont know the deal on American prices for this kind of thing....
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Re: New Beetle Side skirts (shaolinmastr)

quote:[HR][/HR] They unbolt the front and rear fenders and have to cut that rocker panel out. Then weld in the new one. [HR][/HR]​
That certainly hasnt been done to mine. It seems a bit excessive...
Can't they just repair the damaged area?
Guess it depends on the extent of the damage...
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