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New Beetle Side skirts (stock) - where to buy?

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My friend put a dent in one of her side skirts (2002 GLS 2.0) and the dealer quoted her $1200 - $1400 to get it fixed.
She would rather not get aftermarket ground effects.
Any leads on a good place to buy the replacement part?
Or is it something that doesn't bolt on?
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Re: New Beetle Side skirts (stock) - where to buy? (SDA4)

You could try contacting Parts4vws and ask what it would cost to get the OE side skirts from them.
For this I'd call them though: (714) 633-9380
Mike and Kristen Potter (who own/run parts4vws) are super friendly and very knowledgeable. They can get most OEM (stock) parts for cheaper than you can, because they do a lot of volume with local dealers, so they may be able to help you out. Give 'm a call
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