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New Car..!!

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Ok a while back I posted about maybe getting a Ginster GTI. And that fell through. Well tonite It is mine! My mom is awesome and gave up her car ( A honda DX hatch) as a trade in for me to get teh ginster. And better yet she gets my Jetta so we will have two VWs and I know my Jetta will be in good hands!!! Only we really looked at the papers tonite and noticed the price of the car is higher now, so I have to find out about that but I hope its nothing!
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Re: New Car..!! (ramone)

cup kit is already off the jetta and stock back on. Hhehe, He is it alright not to have teh dust boots on the Jetta?

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Re: New Car..!! (WickedGLX)

nice congrats...ive loved ginster http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: New Car..!! (WickedGLX)

quote:[HR][/HR]Hhehe, is it alright not to have teh dust boots on the Jetta?[HR][/HR]​
Dude don't leave your moms hanging like that!
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Re: New Car..!! (Aloha-boy)

why did you want to get rid of the jetta
Re: New Car..!! (kazimer)

well it served me well but the automatic was holding me back from plans of a turbo or more power..
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