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New Corrado? I hope not!

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A new Corrado would not be in the best interest of the drivers. The way that I as well as other Corrado owners have been treated at the dealers is pitiful. I have to go behind the parts counter to show the "Factory Trained" people what parts I need on the micro-fische. The service manager even said " Wow, I have never seen one of those before". How can you be a manager and not have the knowlage of a very advanced engine/car as the Corrado. The car is looked at by the dealership as a freak, not a work of art. So please, save even more people the frustration of the dealer experience and make more 2.0 New Beetles.
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Re: New Corrado? I hope not! (DONSFLRADO)

I've never had to get a part from a dealer, but the type of response that you mentioned is exactly why I love Corrado. No one knows what it is and everyone loves it. I got asked last week by two people if my car was brand new! I've only seen 2 other C's on the road. I like that. If I had a car that I saw carbon copies of at every stop light I would puke! So what if the dealer doesn't know jack about your car. Find a VW shop that knows them inside and out. Most stealerships overcharge and have hacks working in the shop anyway.
IMHO I would love to see a new C! VR6 standard with a W8 optional w/ a 6-speed and 4-motion!!! And I would take pride that I know more about my car than a "professional" VW mechanic.
Re: New Corrado? I hope not! (DONSFLRADO)

after praying many years for another corrado, i have to agree with you. if it's a niche car like the C, you get treated like a red headed stepchild by the dealership. i stopped going to the dealership altogether after they tried to charge me $1,400.00 to replace my motorized seatbelt. that's extortion! that was back in '99. if you can't do the work yourself (like me - no space or time), find a good tech rated for vw's, porsches and audis (my local guy has two of 'em). these guys see the rare cars, PLUS, they actually like talking about the cars and respect customers who have a little bit of knowledge and want to take good care of their autos.
just my opinion
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