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New Dimensions = Awesome! Dealerships = Suck!

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On Friday night, I was out with friends, when all of the sudden 2nd and 4th gear went AWOL, and were nowhere to be found. It got stuck in reverse, and after getting it unstuck, I took my car home.
I took my car to a dealership, who told me, "$800 in new parts, and if that doesn't work, then a new transmission."
After almost crapping my pants at the thought of a new tranny, I decided to go pick up my car, and take it home.
I get to the dealership, pay the $100 fee to have my car looked at, sit in the car, and start her up. It's like there's no gears. It feels like nothing is connected, or hooked up, and it feels like the shifter cable was just left out!
The techies come and look at it, and explain everything to me. I say "No thank you."
So I take my car to New Dimensions. I know that some of you might think that they're expensive, but Lord! They do great work!
Nick @ ND is awesome! After getting my car... TODAY!, he has it up on the rack, and has the situation assessed a mere 2 hours later!!!! He calls me, and tells me that he's 99.9% sure that it's a few sub-$25 parts, and an hours labor.
So... in closing, NEW DIMENSIONS = AWESOME!!!!!
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Re: New Dimensions = Awesome! Dealerships = Suck! (ONEsickVDUB)

Keep us informed if it really is a few $25 parts.
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