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New gauge cluster; must fix odometer reading.. help please

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So i have a 96 2.0 Jetta and the factory cluster went bust. I picked up a new cluster from a scrap yard and now i need to adjust the miles on the thing. My car had 93K on the clock, the new cluster only has 8K on it.
I've already tried pulling out the gear on the tranny and turning it with a drill, but it only makes the car think it's going 100mph, and that means that it would take over 80 hours to get it up to where it needs to be.
SO, i'd like to know if anyone is aware of a way of either programming the cluster up to where it should be, or at least a faster way to get the clock to read where it should be.
Also, keep the comments about leaving it the way it is to yourselves. I wouldn't care if I was keeping the car, but I'm putting it up for sale and I want to set to the exact number the car has so as not to get in trouble or be misleading to the buyer.
Thanks for your help.
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any speedometer shop should be able to do it for you. Eddie (spooled_2ltr) has one, but he's on the other side of the country in Tacoma, WA.
the speedo shop should be able to issue a certificate or somethign along those lines to show that it has actual miles
Re: New gauge cluster; must fix odometer reading.. help please (TwoLitreVW)

I must commend you on your honesty, now if only everyone selling a used car was as honest as you, buyers would never have to worry http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: New gauge cluster; must fix odometer reading.. help please (Lyzic)

I bought my jetta from used VW shop mechanics I knew.. They got the car from aution and the fuel gauge wasn't working so they replaced the cluster thinking it was bad which meant new odomoter. Its a new dealer part so 0000000 miles on it.. Then they found the sender was bad. They gave me the old Odomoter in the trunk with the new one. The title had a mileage discrepency on it that I signed. I don't plan on selling the car for a long time then the mileage wont be a issue since it'll be all modded.
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