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New Golf Image (Probably a Fake but Handsome)

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I spotted this cover of Autocar Magazine out of the UK. It's probably fake but it is handsome.
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Re: New Golf Image (Deception)

I wonder what year that's supposed to be? Looks good though.
Re: New Golf Image (Futura-GTI)

I'd trade my Jetta in for that!
Re: New Golf Image ([email protected])

kinda tough to see..wish it was at a better angle...
Re: New Golf Image ([email protected])

Nice. Hope VW moves toward this design if it's from VW.
Re: New Golf Image ([email protected])

another pic:

Both are pretty and both are 100% fake. The silver one is based on an Audi A3.
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Re: New Golf Image (Obelix)

It sure looks better thant alot of pictures i have seen. Though it is starting to somewhat resemble the new civic's and foci. The one thing I really like about vw is their unigue german styling and unique characteristics. I would hate for them to end up looking like a 2000 civic. Oh, and on that note, raplh on those taillights ^
Re: New Golf Image (2kjettaguy)

me likey very much. a most handsome car. i'd consider trading up for it. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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