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Due to numerous Group Buy postings to weigh through in certain forums, abuse of Group Buys, by both dishonest individuals who collect money and do not ship product, and over use by certain companies who do not support this web community in any way, VWvortex has decided to implement new Guidlines for Group Buys. These are effective today April 8, 2001 and any Group Buy not conforming to the guidelines that has been posted today or afterward will be deleted. Those currently running will be grandfathered.
They are as follows:
VWVortex Group Buy Policy
1. All GB's will now be conducted in the related Classified(s) section and follow newly established posting guidelines.
2. Group buys may only be conducted through current VWvortex Banner Advertisers and current Group Buy Level Advertisers in our Directory found in the Marketplace section of VWvortex. Any Group Buy that does not adhere to these two criteria will be deleted. Any user can organize a Group Buy, but every group buy must be backed by one of these two types of advertising entities.
3. There will be no cross-posting (a.k.a. spamming) or announcements of GB's from the Classifieds section to other general forums (i.e. 25th Anniversary pedals should be posted in the Mk IV Classifieds not the Mk IV forum). Only Vwvortex banner advertisers can cross-post to the general forums announcing a group buy. Group Buy Level Directory Advertisers may not cross post or post commercially in any but the classifieds forums. Regular forum members can post a link to a Group Buy in their signature file and may only mention Group Buys in existing threads that are on that topic.
4. ANY GB’s that are posted outside of the Classifieds that are not through an established banner advertiser will be removed and the user will be warned that their user account may be in jeopardy if further Group Buy postings continue.
5. ANY VWvortex user can initiate Group Buys but the group buy must be paid through and organized to ship through an existing VWvortex banner or Group Buy level directory advertiser with that advertiser stated clearly in the thread.
6. Every Group Buy must have a subject heading that adheres to a set form. This must include, in this order, the lable “GB”, Product Name, Application, Supporting Entity, Additional Info
ex. GB – Lupo GTI Shift Knob, Golf & Jetta IV, 1552 Design
Any Group Buy that does not make use of this subject form will be deleted.
Banner Advertisers – Those companies whose banners are in rotation on the VWvortex discussion forums and are displayed throughout VWvortex on the editorial side of the site. These advertisers are eligible for Group Buys and eligible to cross post to other forums.
Current Advertisers Can Be Found Here...
Group Buy Level Directory Advertisers – Those entities whose ads in the Directory are the top advertising level and show as a Group Buy Enabled in their Directory listing in red. These advertisers may initiate Group Buys as commercial entities, or support Group Buys initiated by users, though they cannot cross post to other forums and must follow posting rules listed above.
Basic Directory Advertisers – These companies may not initiate or support Group Buys initiated by users. The ad contract for these advertisers is solely for exposure in the VWvortex Directory.
Group Buy FAQ
Q: I want to organize a Group Buy, can I do so?
A: Yes. Any VWvortex user can initiate and organize a Group Buy at no charge to them. However, every Group Buy must be supported and handled through a recognized business.
Q: What businesses are qualified to support my Group Buy?
A: Any company that is listed in the VWvortex Directory that is has the Group Buy icon in their listing is capable of supporting a Group Buy.
Q: Where do I list a Group Buy on VWvortex?
A: You may list your Group Buy in the corresponding Classifieds section using a subject heading form devised by VWvortex to help reference each Group Buy. This must include, in this order, the lable “GB”, Product Name, Application, Supporting Entity, Additional Info
ex. GB – Lupo GTI Shift Knob, Golf & Jetta IV, Virtual World Parts
You may not cross list Group Buys to other forums outside the classifieds section. This may only be done by a direct representative of a VWvortex Banner Advertiser. You may list Group Buys in your signature, or mention the Group Buy where it may be applicable to the answer of a question posted by other VWvortex users.
Q: What if the product I want to do a Group Buy for is not sold by an eligible company in the VWvortex Directory?
A: VWvortex advertisers are broad enough that they cover virtually all parts. If not, many are willing to help out by distributing and processing the parts in question. If the part you want is unique to a company that does not advertise with VWvortex, you may want to suggest to that company that they consider doing so.
Q: Why did VWvortex implement these new rules?
A: By moving all Group Buys to the Classifieds forums, VWvortex has made a much more easily searchable area for Group Buys. This has also allowed VWvortex to prune out all of the cross posting across other forums.
By making all Group Buys supported by an advertiser, this will add some legitimacy to many Group Buys where private individuals have no reputation in jeopardy and Group buys with them are more likely to result in a bad experience. This has happened with more commonality than VWvortex cares to see, and by routing it through established businesses or those who've invested to play on that level, this minimizes the chances for unsatisfactory results.
Further, by running Group Buys through VWvortex advertisers, you are helping to support companies that support VWvortex. These companies help make sure that this community exists well into the future
Q: What if, even with the new rules, I get screwed in a Group Buy?
A: If a situation arises where there is a problem regarding payment without delivery on product, any user should contact an admin immediately if they wish action to be taken. Our staff will investigate, and if the situation warrants, that entity will be removed from having Group Buy priveledges.
If you have any additional questions, please go to the link listed below and post in the forum that has been set up for this subject.
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