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New GTI VR6 Question/Help

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Anyone know how to tell if a GTI has the rain sensing wipers and the auto dimming rear view mirror. I saw one that had it listed on the sticker, but no climatronic. It was a 2002, with leather and lux, no tech package. The wierd part was that it had the old single DIN stereo.
Thoughts? Misprint, or truth? I have no idea how to know about the wipers, I didn't take a close look at the mirror.
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Re: New GTI VR6 Question/Help (sailnavy)

Climatronic, rain sensing wipers and auto-dimming wipers are all included in the Technology Package. Can't get one without the others. I just got my 2002 GTI VR6 last week, and it too has the single DIN Monsoon radio. The reason, it was produced as an early 2002 model. The newer 2002s have the double DIN radio.
Re: New GTI VR6 Question/Help (sailnavy)

Well, look on the rearview mirror, if it has a little switch on it with a little green LED on the front, then it has the auto-dimming function. For the wipers, look on the windshield at the base of the mirror, you'll see something that resembles an eye. If so, it has the rain sensing wipers. As far as the MFA goes, all GTI VR6s come with that and so do the Jetta GLXs.
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