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Just a question...

Ive heard about a few E36 guys doing this...Anyone put Koni Race inserts in rokkor / raceland coilovers?

Ive heard they are rebuildable, at least to the extent that they will take new inserts. This would depend on the specifics of how the coilover is made for each platform...but I think these companies thrive on commonizing generic part numbers across all applications....(and cheap labour) So maybe MK4 struts can be opened up?


Buy blown coils - buy inserts - buy some 450 pound inch springs - Do a little messing about....

Voila low coils that damp heavy springs with uptravel. These are the fundamentals of what I want.

To be clear...this is for a street driven MK4 Golf with a TDI. It would be as my buddy says "irresponsibly lowered"

The heavy spring rates are needed to keep the car with heavy nose from smacking the ground...the beefy inserts are to control those springs so it doesnt pogo all over the place. Using the short race insert should also provide descent up travel if properly located in the strut for the chosen ride height.

Anyways...if you have something to add...giv'r....Just spitballin' here.


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I would like to know myself. I bought a set of raceland coilovers for my vr6 and the spring rates are horrible. I was thinking of swaping the raceland springs with the ones that ground control offers with higher spring rates. I just need to know the I.D. of the racelands.

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I've done this on my old Nissan.

I gutted the stock struts and chopped off spring perch.

I used Koni Yellow Sport inserts meant for a different car, Miata I think, which would handle up to a 450lb. spring.

I had a perch welded in order to support the coilover threaded collar. I ordered just the front new from Ground Control.

For that car I went with 375lb 8 inch springs, and had the shock set to 3/4 stiffness.

With 17s and about a 2.25 inch drop, with a similar drop in the rear, that car handled like a go-cart, even on the totally-sucky roads we have here in San Francisco. I would've set the car a bit higher for everyday driving, but the heavier shock/spring combo made a huge difference over the GC/KYB adjustables on there before.

You gotta do your homework to make sure you are getting the right combo, luckily a lot of guys auto-x the SE-Rs like mine, so I already had someone doing the testing for me.

I am planning on doing this with my new GLI. Just bought some blown stock struts, and some Neuspeed springs. Once the housing is prepped for the new insert, I can always take it out and have the coilover perch welded on for coilovers in the future.
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