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New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments

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Hello everyone!
I've had my new Jetta for close to 3 weeks now and am loving every minute of it. I commute to university on a regular basis, so I do a great deal of both highway and city driving. I am definitely of the 'driver' variety who enjoys his car and it's been a wonderful car to enjoy so far. While I don't have the money (just bought an expensive little car, not to mentiont the <gulp> $1200 I poured into upgrading the audio system (even including my existing components) to spend on it right now, I'd like to get an idea of some future options available for my car. I have a few questions/comments that I'd like to hear some of your impressions on, I'll list them here:
1. I've heard about a ECU chip upgrade available Neuspeed (which is quite near where I live) that could net me another 30 HPs. How reasonable is this? I've heard of some alternate manufacturers, are these up my alley?
2. If I had one complaint about the car, it lies in the ability of it to stick to the road during high lateral stress situations (tight turns and curves). I come from good European Rally Racing stock and I have to live up to my family name
Any suggestions (mostly on the cheaper price range) that can help me increase my handling experience? I do have the Luxury package on my vehicle which has the 15" aluminum wheels (and I don't plan to upgrade wheels as I feel they are an undue expense.. heh, I would have gotten it without the upgrade if I could have found one ;-) )
3. Just a minor thing.. but has anyone else noticed that the steering wheel is really far away? I try to sit comfortably in the driver's seat with my arms in the arm rest and I continually feel stretched so I default to putting my arm on the 'window sill'. I know, I know, a minor caveat.
4. I know I'm somewhat a leadfoot, but the gas mileage I've been getting has averaged around 26 mpg for these first 1700 miles. What do you others experience? (I've heard that the ECU chip upgrade can help your gas mileage somewhat)
Thanks for all your help and comments, I appreciate your knowledge

Daniel Wingard
[email protected]
I figured some people might be curious, so I'll describe my audio system. I had SSP, a local stereo place, build it for me and they did a really nice job. I have component 6.5" JBLs up in the front, Boston RX-67s in the rear doors, and a 12" JL W3 Sub in the trunk. I have an Alpine V12 5-channel Amp powering the mids/highs and an Earthquake 350 powering the Sub. I use an Eclipse 3431 CD player in the dash. Basically, it sounds awesome and I've enjoyed every minute of it
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Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (Phlargo)

The biggest change would come from some stickier tires. The next item would be some suspension upgrades.
In your situation, I would just give Tire Rack a call and see what they can do for you.
Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (Phlargo)

The steering wheel has telescopic adjustment. I am 6' tall and it took me a while to get it just right. On the highway I average about 32.5mpg. I have an Upsolute chip, and they claim fuel economy is increased by as much as 10%. Around town, I get about 26mpg, and that is including some "spirited" driving. Congrats on your new car. You should notice a slight increase in fuel economy as the car breaks in.
Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (CooknFauVeh)

I might agree with the sticky tires if I didn't feel the great body roll that I do. I do feel the tires give up some on the medium grade turns though and when this set is out, I'll totally keep that in mind, but it'll be a while for that. What type tires does everyone like on thier Jettas?
As far as suspension upgrades go... what kinda things we got to work with?
Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (SlvrBllt)

I did find the adjustment for the telescopic but I guess it doesn't go out far enough for someone with long legs like me.. I'm almost 6'3" and while I'm still playing with different positions (okay okay.. I'm talking about cars here, guys) I'm guessing it's not designed with someone my height as the primary market. You say you're getting 32.5 mpg though.. that's quite a difference from what I get. How fast do you drive on the freeway? I usually am pretty steady at around 80 mph and not overly fast on the surface streets.. Maybe it will increase over time and with the mod chip. I've heard about different mod chips now.. what kind of differences do they sport?
Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (Phlargo)

Heh.. it's kinda funny, I ended up with a new car by accident. I was hit by a drunk driver three weeks ago on my way home from a Halloween Party. I actually had a 2001 Toyota Echo that was less than 1 year old and it was totalled when I was pushed across the center divider into oncoming traffic, into an SUV. Well, at least my little Echo took out the Ford Explorer as well ;-) If you can believe this, of the 14 people in the three cars that were totalled, not one was hurt. It was amazing. I was actually the most likely to have been hurt (considering the floor panel in the drivers seat was kinda folded in a bit and I was 1/2 a second from hitting that Explorer head on..) and all I ended up with was a nasty bruise from the seat belt (ouch)
Before you bash my Echo, drive one. In buying this new car, I test drove 16 cars and researched many others and not many stood up to the well-roundedness of the Echo. Okay, it's ugly, but it's actually a pretty neat little car
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Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (Phlargo)

Do a search for chips. GIAC, APR, and Upsolute are the most popular here and all of them will produce similar gains.
As far as handling on a budget, get some sport springs from H&R or another company ($170) and some sport shocks from bilstein or someone else ($450).
I'm about 6'3", and here's what I did. Rachet the seat as low as possible, move it all the way back, put the wheel in as far as it will go, then adjust the incline of the seatback and the incline of the wheel until you are comfortable and the imaginary steering column continues through your chest. You want a slight bend in your elbows, nothing more.
Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (Phlargo)

I love sway bars.
The Golf/Jetta 4 forums has a group buy going. $168
that's how much I payed for mine
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Re: New Jetta 1.8T, Questions and Comments (Phlargo)

quote:[HR][/HR]Before you bash my Echo, drive one. In buying this new car, I test drove 16 cars and researched many others and not many stood up to the well-roundedness of the Echo. Okay, it's ugly, but it's actually a pretty neat little car
I'll tell you what... My in-laws have an Echo (They got it for around town, my mother-in-law doesn't like driving their Durango) and that little car's got some juice. It's no race car, by any means, but it will surprise you. You hit the gas and that car goes.
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