There's a new Jetta on the horizon and we have early, pre-production photos of it testing in Spain.

Little is known officially about the next Jetta, but logic dictates that it will go on the MQB platform like the latest generation Golf, Tiguan, and Atlas.

The front end is now more in line with Volkswagen’s latest sedans, like the Arteon and the Phideon, according to the latest reports.

Some touches hark back to the Jetta’s Golf-ish origins. The Jetta will borrow the Golf’s new mirrors and wheels, it appears.

A bigger trunk and a longer body, meanwhile, will likely give the next generation Jetta more cargo capacity.

Again, this is speculation, but it only seems reasonable that the Jetta will be offered with Volkswagen’s ubiquitous four-cylinder, 2.0-liter TSI engine. History also suggests that the GLI will make about the same amount of power as the Golf GTI.