Ten new Volkswagens are due before the end of the year, with a new Jetta for the North American Region set to begin production this December.

The announcement was made at a VW press conference held last week to bring the world up to date on how the post dieselgate plan is progressing. A sort of State of the Union address for Transform 2025+.

Although the Jetta is still under wraps, a new model would mark the first totally redesigned Jetta since 2011. This is a particularly important car in America, where the Jetta consistently leads sales for VW.


It will be just one of 10 new models worldwide to start production this year, five of which have no direct predecessor: The Atlas, Arteon, Tiguan LWB, T-Roc, and Virtus (an MQB-based sedan for Brazil that's smaller than the Jetta).

Those five are joined by the Up! PA, the new Polo, the Phideon PHEV, the new Touareg, and, of course, the Jetta.

The Atlas, Tiguan, and T-roc are all new additions to VW’s SUV lineup which the brand hopes to increase to a worldwide total of 19 by 2020. Not all of them are likely to find their way to America, but with a “sporty” 5-seat Atlas derivative already teased and more SUVs promised, the number is sure to rise from the pre-scandal two.

Following all of that, of course, Volkswagen wants to become the world's leading electric car manufacturer with the ID family of exclusively electric vehicles. Sales of those are set to start in 2020.

Watch the full press conference below.