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New Key

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I recently purchased a key remote (switchblade style) from Ebay for my 2002 Passat. Now I need a new key. One dealer I contacted said it would be $90 for a key, and "a bit more" to have it programmed.
Anyone know the real price for this? Anyway I can get a key for less than 90 bucks?
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Re: New Key (xweb10)

join clubb5.com since you have a passat...
you can retrofit your old key to the new key...i just got a key and i'm gonna do it at home....try this:

BTW, i'm not going to grind the key like it says...take it to a hardware store and have them use the key from the remote as a guide to cut the outsides of your old key...but make sure they align them right, because the keys are two different sizes....if you dont feel like doin this...then just pay the money to get it done.......
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Re: New Key (xweb10)

Your car is new enough to have an immobilizer system. That's what needs to be programmed by the dealership. When I bought myself a backup key from eBay, the dealership charged me about $40 for a new key (and cutting) and about $45 for programming the immobilizer. You can program the remote entry yourself--the procedure is in the manual and describes sticking the new key in the driver's door with a currentyly working key in the ignition.
Re: New Key (DCdave)

Thanks for the tips.
I already programmed the remote. Now I need the key.
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