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Hello to everybody.

My name is Iñigo and I´m from Spain (so, sorry if my english is not good enough). I´ve decided to join this forum because I found here important information in different search about my 1990 VW Golf Mk1 Cabriolet.

I have always been related to motoring, since my studies to my professional career. I worked years ago in motoring press, writing about cars and testing them here in Spain. For the last 5 years, I´m working as Citroën and DS salesman in my towns dealership.

Going to my VW, I own since december 2013 a 1990 VW Golf Cabriolet Mk1. It´s a green Etienne Aigner special edition, with the 1.8 2H engine. Here is a pic. I also own a 1986 BMW e30 Baur TC2 and a 1992 MB SL 300-24 with manual gearbox.


Thnak you
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