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Hey guys,

I recently got in a wreck in New Orleans on vacation. It was a really stupid thing and I was at fault. Anyway, I'm a complete fish out of water there, and my car is not driveable. I had to drive back home for work, but the car is still in New Orleans.

State Farm looked at my car, and gave me an estimate (they didn't catch everything so they'll have to come out again to give me the proper pay out but I can get work started at least).

Right now my car is located at Mid City Automotive and Collision, which seemed to have very negative reviews on the one site I found them on (the police recommended them, and when they got my car they mentioned they do repairs...). Since it's a VW (foreign), I'm very iffy about keeping the car there.

What are the best bets for repairs in New Orleans? At first I didn't want to pay the second towing charge, but now I just want my car to be fixed, and fixed right.

Anyone around New Orleans have suggestions as to where it can be repaired? It needs a new fender, bumper, hood (probably), as well as the front passenger suspension.

State Farm quoted the repairs at around $3500... the guy from Mid City said "probably $7-9000".

I would really really really appreciate any help on this issue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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