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New PASSAT VIDEO to view

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I just updated my site...a big update at that, and I just finally got my newest Passat video edited and put up.
Check it out and tell me what you guys think:
top video and synopsis on the page
go to this link for the other updates:
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Re: New PASSAT VIDEO to view (Scott J.)

any comments?
Re: New PASSAT VIDEO to view (Scott J.)

It would be great if I could see it. I logged on but the screen came up blank after I picked what video I wanted to see and I tried it more than once. Can't figure it out??
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Re: New PASSAT VIDEO to view (Scott J.)

Nicely done Scott!
That's a pretty cool site. I remember watching the Ferrari 360 and 508HP NSX
videos....very cool!
What brand/model of cameras and editing equipment did you use?

Re: New PASSAT VIDEO to view (AlphaPepper)

Al Fresco, I think you may need to get the newest quicktime player:
Thanks for the comments! Glad you liked it. I used Canon ZR-10, XL-1 (both mini DV) for cameras, as well as a small X-10 mobile unti for placing on the bumpers and such. I edit aon a Mac using Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, and just now starting to get into Combustion. I tjust depends on what I am in the mood for, or need to get done...but mostly Premiere.
Re: New PASSAT VIDEO to view (Scott J.)

Re: New PASSAT VIDEO to view (Scott J.)

anyone today?
Re: New PASSAT VIDEO to view (Scott J.)

I'll bite, but mostly because I like Macs.
The videos look like they could be edited in iMovie.
I like the camera mounted behind the front right wheel, neat-o.
Ever mounted a camera to a mountain bike?

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