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New Pics Finally..

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I've only posted pics on here once before and that was b4 I got the 18"s on and the oettinger skirt. This was after I finished cleaning it and it got kinda dark. I used my dads camera with flash so they came out pretty bad. This will have to do until I can get my hands on a digital camera.. Let me know what u think of the rims.. Thanks.
sorry they dont work for some reason, if i can get a new host i will update them..

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Re: New Pics Finally.. (JmaqVR6)

yeah pics are dark and being a black car didn't help.

nice ride, like the Oettinger.
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Re: New Pics Finally.. (A-Money)

boing!!! mmmmmm yyyyuuuummmmmmmyyyy!!!!!! makes me horny!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh sorry missing the girlfriend. And I know I've included her in almost every post for the past few weeks, I'm depressed alright lay off!
Re: New Pics Finally.. (Cmefly!)

can u guys see those casue its telling me they are not available?
Re: New Pics Finally.. (JmaqVR6)

wow! those are really nice photopoint pics.
if ya need a few pics posted for a while, let me know.
Re: New Pics Finally.. (2kjettaguy)

I cant see em either...? Is THis Some Kind Of SICK Joke??
hehe, just kidding
... photopoint is a P.I.T.A
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