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Yes, that's right, yet another.
I bought Grumpy's 16 x 7.5 AEZ Parons and now, and I wanna put them on right, spare no expense! Which I'm hoping isnt too much.....anyway......the 15" rims and tires I had on there would rub excessively on the lip on the edge of the fender, pretty much shreading the tires (you should see them). This only happened with the tires in the rear, but I'm thinking that with these new rims it will happen all around.
I've searched about offset and found some things, like you never want to have a negetive offset(?). But what does a positive offset do? Will it help prevent this scraping from occuring? I see some Mk3's running super low around this forum and the tires look mint. They dont have flared fenders so what's the deal?
Thanks so much guys!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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