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Hey guys, jumping over from the RX7Club.com. I've got a real beast of an FC. I've been building this baby for 3 years... and I mean building! It spent over a year in the shop getting the motor build from all new parts, then those parts where shipped out to be ported, milled, coated, etc. I've come to a time when I need to part with her, but it's so hard to sell a toy right now. Not to mention the fact that I really don't want to see the car go.
I mean, you would think someone would have done the math on this car, and seen that there is no way one could build a car like this for what I'm asking. Are people that hard up right now, or what?
Well enough ranting, here she is!
I have detailed threads about the
http://www.rx7club.com/showthread.php?t=588968 engine,
http://www.rx7club.com/showthread.php?t=617644 the MoTeC M2R,
http://www.rx7club.com/showthread.php?t=739911 and the AI system.
I have over 23K in receipts and paypal transactions into this car in 3 years. The motor was build with no expense spared. No matter which way I slice, I will lose a ton of money in this car.
This car is a BEAST! The mechanics and performance are A+++. The only thing it's lacking is style. IE: Body Kit, paint, etc...
The chassis has 106K, the motor has about 10,000 miles.
I bought the car in Feb 2006, and the body was real straight, minus a crack in the front bumper and a crack in the spoiler. The paint could use a session with a clay bar and good buffing, but it isn't terrible.
She runs great, and boosts at 15 psi @ 3800 RPM
What it needs:
Front Coilovers needed for the BBS rims to be mounted up front
AC system tested and charged (R134a, brand new rubber lines, compressor, dryer)
Dyno Tuned with a dyno sheet
HKS Electronic Boost Controller needs to be installed
Above Mentioned Detailing

I've documented EVERY part of this build since I bought the car with BlogSpot.
And on the RX7Club.


AI LED Video
ENGINE: Build by Turblown
New, Polydyn Coated Rotor-housings
Polydyn Coated Rotors
Polydyn Coated Oil Pump
New Polydyn Coated Journal Bearings
Balanced Assembly
Smooth, Street Ported Secondary Intake Ports
Large Exhaust Ports
Oil Flow Modification (oil feeds into both Rotors, Splits at Oil Filter)
Turblown Engine Stud Kit
FD Stationary Gear
New Mazda Seals/Engine Build Kit (treated Apex seals)
Re-Surfaced Irons (ALL)
Turblown Relocated Oil Filter Pedastal, Large WIX Oil Filter, JAZ Catch-Can
Turblown Stainless Steel Oil Lines With AN Fittings (ALL)
Modified Oil Filler Neck (Shortened with No Bend, Hose Attached for Catch-Can)
ACT Street/Strip Clutch
Slightly Lighter Stock FlyWheel
Polyuethane Motor Mounts
Polyuethane N'ver Break Differential Mount
Throttle Body Modification
Higgi Throttle Body Elbow
Short, NA, Throttle Cable
New Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder
Stainless Steel MazdaTrix Clutch Line
New Brake Master Cylinder
Silicon Heater Core Hose
FD Alternator, With Dual Belt Pulley
New Water Pump
Deleted Oil Metering Pump
Intake Manifold Heat Shield
EGR & Coolant Passage Filled (From Intake to Motor)
Emissions Block Off Plates
TURBO: Kit by Turblown
Garrett T04E, .60/.96 AR
HPC Coated Turbine Housing
Turblown Polydyn Coated Divided Tubular Manifold
Turblown 3.5" Downpipe
Tial 38mm WasteGate to Atmosphere
9lbs Spring
3.5" Midpipe
Apexi N1 Cat back (no cats)
Custom Cold Air Intake
K&N 10" Cone Intake Filter
Old School HKS SQ Blow Off Valve

MoTeC M2R, Rotary Specific Engine Management System. Advanced Tuning Enabled
MoTeC Harness, Sensors, TPS, Injector Clips, 3Bar MAP, CAS, Intake Temp, Water Temp, etc.
Base Map, Ignition Map, Lambda Map by Paul Yaw
Walbro 225 L/H High Flow Pump
Bosch 1600cc Purple Tops, Deadband Timing by Paul Yaw
Stock 550cc High Impedence, Deadband Timing by Paul Yaw
Innovative LC-1 Lambda Controller and O2 Sensor, controlled by MoTeC
10mm MagnaCore Wires
Stock Spark Plugs, Replaced Every 3-5000 Miles
AUXILLARY INJECTION: Installed/Tuned by Turblown
Devil's Own 150psi Pump
1.5 Gallon Pump-Mount Tank (Mounted In Rear Driver Bin)
2 Stage Injection (one small Pre-compressor, 1 large Post-Compressor)
Check Valves on Both Jets
Cooling Mist Pressure Sensor
All Stainless Steel Lines
Controlled by MoTeC
Map of AITs DROPPING under boost!
Rear Koni 2-Way Adjustable Coil-Overs, Dampening/Ride Height from FJBltd.com
110lbs Spring
Front Factory Replacements
Racing Beat 1.5” Drop Springs
BBS Gold Meshies 16X8
Yokahama ES100 255\45 16
Drilled Front Brake Rotors
Manual Steering Rack
Black Series 5 Interior Conversion, 90% Complete
Cheap Plastic Dual Pod Pillar Cluster
52 mm AutoMeter UltraLite EGT Gauge
52mm AutoMeter UltraLight Water Temp Gauge
AutoMeter Pod Mounted on Steering Wheel Surround
52mm AutoMeter Phantom Boost Gauge (30 in vac/20 psi)
Green LED, turns on when AI is activated
Innovate LCD Lambda Gauge (custom mounted in place of clock)
Greddy Turbo Timer
Custom Short Shifter (Stock Shifter Cut and Welded)
Battery Relocated in Rear Passenger Bin, 1Gauge Cable, New Terminals
Moroso Sealed Battery Box, Vented outside
Bosch Relay Added to Headlight Wiring Harness
New NippenDenso Compressor
New Drier
New GoodYear Rubber Compressor Hoses
New O-Rings in All Metal Lines
Series 5 Wing
Wiperless Rear Hatch
POR15 Fuel Tank Sealer Kit
EMISSIONS: (not installed)
I have a Separate Exhaust system to Run During Testing. It is a Catalytic Converter with a length of Pipe that bolts up to the Dowpipe.
I also have the Charcoal Canister, Air Pump, all Hoses and Brackets
Saved "emissions" map file

Feel free to contact me with ANY questions.
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I am going to be polite to you sir b/c I see that YOU LOVE this car. YOU LOVE IT and you will never ever ever get close to what you want for it. It is an 87 RX-7- and not in MINT condition. It looks like a chop-shop special inside and out. You are about to learn a very valuable lesson about modding cars.

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Re: (gsprobe)

If you consider that polite I'd hate to see you as a jerk. You just insulted my build. An insult is an insult, even if it's delivered with a smile.
For one, this is not my first rodeo, there is NO lesson to learn here for me... you may be different. I do not LOVE cars. I build em, drive em, have my fun, then sell them when it's time. I'll admit that I went a little over board on the shop bill this time around, but NEVER expect to get my money back on a hot rod. I never really expected to sell this one.
I've been flipping cars for years, much of the profits went to building this car. So I know how to make money on cars.
As for the chop-shop remark, that's probably typical for some snobby, chromed out, name brand, off-the-shelf, bolt-on car owner. I've never seen your car, but I'm just saying...
I've built a few cars in my day, and I always follow the same motto, Balls BEFORE Beauty
That is a lesson you obviously need to learn.
If you knew the first thing about BUILDING a car, you would see that I have approached this car from a "QUALITY and POWER over Show and Slow" approach.
How many FCs have you seen that are even close to this? I'm not talking about body kits and rims either. If you hop over to RX7Club.com, you'll see that this is one of the most well known and respected FC builds around.
I guarantee I will get what I want for this car.
But if all the guys here are like you, it won't be from this bunch.

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Oh, now I get it, your a vette guy... and Z06 at that
I love the look on ya'lls face when I romp you in my 87 mazda.

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You might want to look at the sticky that says this isn't a classified forums.
Also, what the other duder said applies...don't care how much you sink into your car, your mods are worth pennies on the dollar for what you paid for them.
As far as the vast majority of people are concerned, you're selling an '87 Mazda RX7 with 106K on it. Good luck, and try the right forum.
(and I'm really a "family car" kinda guy, so your average V6 minivan can romp on me, which is fine.. The sum total of the mods done to my cars are cargo nets, which I'm pretty sure don't add any horsepower)

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Thanks for the lecture dad.
Guys, I am asking 1/3rd of what I put into this car, I am obviously not trying to get my money back!
To most I might be selling a 87 Mazda,
But I am posting on performance related forums, not auto trader...
So to performance related people, I am selling a rotary powered auto-X car, with AI, a stand alone, and a full turbo kit, that is pretty close to done as far as performance and power goes.
Last time I checked, cargo nets were good for at least 30hp.

My "romping" comment was geared towards the Z06 guy. The local Z06 guys are always blown away when my little ugly 87 Mazda takes them by 2nd gear.

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Re: (StylEmon)

i just don't get what your trying to achieve here, your post seems to be ranting on how you cant sell your car, you did not post this in the classifieds section, you posted in the car purchasing forum (of a majority German car based website) which is used to get advice on buying and selling cars, not to actually sell a car
so thats why your getting the response of "you'll never get what you have into it" "its just a 87 Mazda" kind of reactions, and then you seem to have such witty remarks when your not hearing what you want to hear
and you never even posted what your selling the car for, but it is what it is, an 87 RX7, its only worth what someone is willing to pay for it

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Thanks for the "witty" complement.

I totally agree, it's worth what someone is willing to pay. Best statement so far.
I didn't want to post my price in here, because there is a sticky that says this is not the classified section.
I recently posted this car FS in the classified section here. It's not that I want to hear certain answers; it's more that ya'll seem to think I am trying to make money on a project car... I just want to be clear (which I was in 2 different post, now 3) that I am not trying to make money.
I guess I was expecting to see others who are having problems selling toys right now... and to get a little publicity on my wheels.

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Re: (StylEmon)

Selling is all about OEM beauty. Building cars is all about losing money, but having what you, NOT what someone else wants.
Gearheads don't want your built car. They want a nice body and engine block they can build off.
Regular people want a nice body and a good engine.
16 year olds who can't afford a car want someone else's built car.
Strip the car down. Sell the parts separately at 50% or less than you paid. Sell the old used car as an old used car.
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