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Does anyone know if New South Performance has any plans to make an air-to-fuel ratio gauge for us? I was thinking about getting the 3 gauge dash pod with a boost gauge and EGT gauge, but I can't justify getting any of the other gauges, because the car already has the stock oil temp gauge.
On top of this, I'd consider the AFR gauge the second best if not best gauge to monitor how well an upgraded FI system is working.
Unfortunately, I don't like AEM's AFR gauge; I think it's too flashy and I don't think their LED color matches the GTI stock gauge color. The only other option I've found is Stewart Warner's, which is ridiculously vague, with three spots for the needle to point to (something like Lean, Just right!, and Rich).
I bet if NSP made an AFR gauge that looked anything like their boost gauge, it would be a hit.
So in conclusion, can anyone let me know if there exists a gauge/plans for a gauge/or a NSP forum sponsor I can PM? TIA guys http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: (BlkMkVGTi)

if you really want some good gauges... seriously the most accurate you can find they are from a company that makes aviation gagues. the guy owns a tdi and started making boost gagues and has faned out from there... my picture ill post below really makes it look kinda shat.. but its top notch. as for color match it is a HINT of too blue. but imho side by side a better match the the VDO gauge...
the guy has rightnow a Boost gauge up to 25 or to 30 psi ( this is from an electronic sending unit that you tap into the inter cooler piping 1000X faster and more accurate than a vacume line)) logs your boost spikes, your highest held boost for the time you have on the car and you have the option in a led screen on the bottom of the gauge to have EGT, or the boost read in numbers

he also has oil temp, coolent temp, fuel temp, volteage, ummmmm i cant think of any others off hand but he is a good guy if you shoot him an email about an air fule ratio gauge im sure he can make one for you ( not home made... he owns an electronic aviation deal in florida)

the link to his thread is on tdiclub.com and ill see if i can get his email address real quick

it was a bumpy road and the flash kindof whited the pic out... but you get the idea... and a night shot again not the best photo but

THE camera pics up the gauges blueness 10 times more than what it actualy is... its theee most acurate in color matched gauge i have ever sceen ( it also has a light sensor on the bottom that dims and brightens the gauge the darker it gets and the lighter it gets )

this is his web site:
[email protected]
good people good products http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

this is the thread on tdiclub with alot of information about his gauges... install... and the other gauges he makes... again about the air fule contact him im positive he will make one and if your geting a 3 gauge set up he has great prices. 170 bucks for a boost and digital egt gauge... all instalation stuff included you cant beat that...

PS: you can get them without TDI on the face http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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