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New suspension

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Possible new suspension setup:
Bilstein struts and shocks
Eibach pro-kit 1 1/2" lowering springs
Front VR6 strut mount bushings and bearings
$715/neg. for the whole shebang.
Would I need anything else in order to install this stuff. How's the price? Any opinions on the parts? Thanks for input.
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Re: New suspension (DeLTA_SHocK)

if the parts are NEW, then its a good deal. Springs = $200.. Shocks like $500? bearings are not too expensive.
Parts wise - those are about as good as it gets. I have personal experience with this setup (although on a Volvo 850) and it was very very good (but a bit on the stiff side)..
Good luck
Re: New suspension (WannaCorrado)

Yep, brand new in the box. Dead on with the prices. Thanks for the info!
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