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2016 Golf R DSG
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When I started driving I had a Z28 that I loved. Got rid of that for a pickup for almost 20 years. Then needed something efficient and cheap, since my pickup started literally falling apart, and got a Civic. I got my performance fix from my GSXR 750 as weather and time allowed. Finally, the prices on the Golf Rs started to dip into my price range. I have been hunting for about a year and recently found a 2016 Lapiz blue Golf R with 22,000 on the clock.

I just started working in a German indie shop around the same time after working on GMs for 20 years. Due to circumstances at home I had to quit the German shop and go back to the dealer. I love this car though. Unfortunately, it was lowered and am searching for some stock springs. I don't care for the resonator delete, but its not bad enough to spend the time and money to change it back. I have been lurking for a bit and really like the forum. Lots of good info here.

I have a set of wheels and tires for the winter in the garage to be mounted soon. I think other than that I will just drive and enjoy the car for a bit.
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