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Hey all -
Back on VWV after a long time away. Used to run TDIs and now I'm on to a 2008 TT.

Basic specs :
2008 TT Coupe, 2.0TFSI, FWD
S-Line, Black over black, Nav.
80k miles. Previous owner put 15k on the car in 6 years....

Have a weird noise coming from the dash. It's intermittent and almost seems to be coming from the cluster of the speaker and the two defrost vents. It's really difficult to tell if it's electrical noise in the dash speaker or has to do with the vents in some way. It also seems to be speed sensitive and not pop up until 30-40mph or so, but even then it's not consistent and it will come and go.

Anyone ever hear anything like this? It doesn't go away with turning the radio power off or with turning the AC fan off. I've had both issues mentioned above with other vehicles and this doesn't sound exactly like anything I've experienced before...

Any thoughts appreciated in advance!
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