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Hey all!
I am new to these forums and already I have gotten so much great info out of them. I just purchased a 98 Cabrio for $700. Needless to say it had a couple of issues that immediately needed attention. My Cabrio is my DD back and forth to work. Of course no better way to get back and forth to work than in style. I have had this car only 2 weeks and I am loving it. Looking forward to all the good information that circles around here.
So far I have done the following repairs to the car.
Replaced Fuel line
Replaced Front Wheel Bearings
Replaced bald tires
Replaced bent rim (curb hit no doubt)
Replaced broken door handles outside and in
Replaced Master Brake Cylinder
Replaced Broken Tail light
I have much work to do but I love this car. I need to replace the drivers side fender. I have found some online for cheap but I am concerned with matching paint and the pinstriping. All in all I am happy to be a VW owner.

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