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Re: new to the mk3 world, have some quick Qs (jettaivglxvr6)

1. sidemarkers on the bumper are cake to get off. lok on the wheel liner (inside the fendr and spy the plastic clip near where the markr is) pop it out with a flathead. this will let you pull the liner away a tad to gain access to the back of the light. on the left side of both lights as you look at them there is a clip that you can feel if you reach in past the liner. push that clip in and the light will pop out. get it out, unhook the harness, put the new one in and you're golden.
2. lights up front are even easier to get out. i use a small flathead and pry them out. you'll want to put the pry device between the blinker and te next piece on both sides. put it in thee and twist gently. again, very easy. pop em out and put new ones in. bumper skin stays on.
3. front badge can be taken off to spray. i left both of mie on and taped erthing off good. scuff em up a bit and go to town dude. good luck to ya. hope this helped a bit. any q's please yell.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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