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Re: new to the mk3 world, have some quick Qs (jettaivglxvr6)

quote:[HR][/HR]hey guys thanx for the replies. another question about the front fog light area though: after i 'pop' them out with a screw driver how do the new ones go in? do they just push in and snap in place? also, as far as removing the grill to get to the front emblem, where are the clips, can i just pull the grill out? does anyone have any sites which explains stuff like this and other do it yourself mods in detail?
again, thanx for the replies and keep them coming
1) the fogs do not pop out.. the dummies (the middle ones) pop out then you need a 8MM wrench to get in there and hold the bolts on the inside of the bumpers...
2) to remove the grill.. remove the 4 screws on top between the headlights on the rad support.. then there are 2 tabs, one under each head light.. then the emblem clips to that..
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