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Re: new to the mk3 world, have some quick Qs (jettaivglxvr6)

hey guys, my friend just recently purchased a 95 gti vr6. we have been looking at doing some things to it but i am not sure how to do them. this is where you guys come in. i would really appreciate some help so here it goes:
1: currently the side markers, on the bumper, are the stock orange color. to go with the smoked out theme he is going to order smoked lenses. my question is how do you remove the lense? on my mk4 i can just push in, slide forward and they pop out. is it the same thing, i tried but didnt have much success. get a butter knife and wrap it in tape so u dont scratch ur bumper and push back and kinda pry it out
2: also to go with the smoked theme, we want to replace the lights in the front from clear to smoked. how hard is it to change them? does the bumper need to be removed? hella sells the smoked covers becarful which ones you buy some are for the european bumper and that means u would have to modify you stock bumper to fit them again
3: we both agree that the emblems would look sweet painted black. how is this procedure done? does the grill and rear symbol need to be removed or can it just be masked off? You can buy the front one from http://www.parts4vws.com, and the rear emblem id call up tuning zubehor and get the golf highline rear emblem its flat and smooth like the bettle emblems but black and silver i have one its nice!
we also are going to paint the calipers black but i know how to do that as its not very hard. i know my questions are very fundamental but i want to do it correctly. so please, if you could take a minute and describe a procedure or two to me i would really appreciate the help. Foila teck sells caliper paint in black but it cost about $50, you could just buy engine paint/high temp spray paint make everything off and spray it it gets kinda sloppy thou, id go foila tec and brush it on, but the down side is it take about a day to dry

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