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Re: new to the mk3 world, have some quick Qs (jettaivglxvr6)

1: get the smoked side markers from timmonsvw ($20)..their number is at http://www.timmonsvw.com. to remove them, carefully take a flat head screw driver and pry them out on one of the sides, i forget which side it is.
2: not sure if i understand you fully on your hella dual rounds question, but if you want the smoked version im pretty sure you have to sell those and buy the smoked hella dual rounds. dont have to remove the bumper to change lights
3: to paint the front emblem, take off the grill and pry out the three clips on the emblem, dont paint with the emblems on th car, overspray will cover the car. the rear emblem comes off wih some force, its held on with tape. just take them off and sand and paint them.
there are plenty of websites that describe how to paint the calipers, its pretty straight forward. just do a search for website that shows how to paint calipers. hope this was of some help to you, and good luck.

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