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I'd like to let you guys know that I've just placed an order for a 03 V6 2.8 4MO Variant. It will be delivered somewhere in October/November I believe. I'll post some pictures when it's delivered.
The following items are ticked on the option list: (pls don't ask the price
- wood/Leather steering wheel (3 spoke)
- wooden insert
- monsoon hifi
- sunroof
- beige leather upholstery
- power windows
- power seats
- 17" rims 225 X 45 R 17
- automatic tranny
- colored-keyed door mirrors
- colored-keyed front and rear bumpers
- chrome roof rails
- bi-xenon
- entry lights
- climatronic air-co
- rain sensor
- front arm rest
- 3 rear head rests
- criuse control
That's about it I believe
Are there any Indigo Blue V6 4MO owners out there ? Please share your pictures.

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Re: New User (Folks)

Sorry, but I just can't resist. We all will want to know what kind of a deal you got on the car. For anyone else in the market for a Passat, it helps them gauge a price to shoot for (above or below). Lastly, are you sure it's a 2003 model you're getting? My understanding is that any orders placed in the past few weeks will net you a 2004. And some of the options you "ticked" off on your list were, to my knowledge, not options available on a 2003 V6 4Motion.

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Re: New User (Rusty)

I understand your curiorsity with respect to the price, but I am living in Asia where import duty is heavy. I have doubt whether my price can give you an good indication and comparison. But don't laugh. Ok promise. It's roughly USD 39,000 for all that.

BTW, Rate is 2.5 %
It's way cheaper that a W8 USD 6,6000

And I am sure it a 03 V6. As for the options the local dealer can 'assemble' his/her Passat to whatever they desire.
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